Corporate Social Responsibility

One of the biggest challenge facing South Africa is the non-delivery of important and basic needs, in particular in the field of education.

With South Africa’s rate of unemployment standing at 25% the rate of poverty remains at a rise and this directly effects the opportunity for children to secure a good education. South Africa’s level of education is rated at 140 out of 144 countries in the world according to the 2013 Global Competitiveness Report.

General Motors South Africa (GMSA) aims to be a pro-active role player in helping South Africa to solve these challenges. GMSA has embarked on various educational initiatives to show their commitment towards improving the quality of education in the country.

By investing in sustainable educational projects we help eliminate unemployment, poverty and ultimately crime.

The company’s employees are also encouraged to offer their expertise to social programmes. Many serve on the boards or committees of business development initiatives, charities, sports development trusts, educational institutions and welfare organisations.

Public Relations Projects

Adopt A School
GMSA adopted the St Reginalds School in 2012, a farm school in the outskirts of Kirkwood, which is 75km away from Port Elizabeth. GMSA supported the school educational equipment, maintenance work and other educational administration requirements and 2013 we upgraded the playground at the school.

Kommunity Desk
GMSA with the Isuzu brand partnered up with the Kommunity desk company and has donated approximately 13 000 Kommunity Desks to learners at schools where there is a shortage of desks in the classroom. The Kommunity Desk is ergonomically designed and made from durable, child proof materials, allowing children to hold them against their bodies to create an effective writing surface, whether they be sitting under a tree in a rural school, in a classroom without desks or at home.

Career Handbook
GMSA has partnered with the Kommunity Group Projects and will be distributing Kommunity Career Handbooks to pupils in High School. The Handbook will provide grade 10 and 11 pupils with vital information on careers, university qualifications and subjects that one needs in High School to gain entry into those courses.

Employee Volunteer Programme

GMSA employees have the opportunity to volunteer their services to existing initiatives that the company supports such as 67 minutes for Madiba, Winter Woolly Week, Sundays River Trash Bash and various other projects. We encourage all employees to do their little bit by giving back to the community to drive a better future.

67 min for Madiba
Every year the company celebrates Nelson Mandela’s birthday by supporting the Madiba day initiative and go out and take time to do something for the community for 67 minutes by not only spending time in the community but also making a financial contribution.

Winter Woolly Week
GMSA partnered with the Community Chest where we aim to raise funds, food and clothing for the needy. The company also supports the organisation with a Chevrolet Utility for a period of 12 months to collect food, clothing and blankets from donors and deliver to the needy in the townships.

Sundays River Trash Bash
GMSA supports the annual National Beach Clean Up event in conjunction with Colchester Primary and other businesses within this community. Employees and their immediate families volunteer for the Sundays River Trash Bash which involves a clean-up of all trash along the Sundays River in Colchester. Underprivileged children from the nearby school assist in the clean-up and in return are rewarded with some material such as caps, t-shirts, back packs and food packs from GMSA

Media Projects

Matric Survival Kit
GMSA partnered with The Herald newspaper and distributes a matric exam supplement every week on various subjects to assist grade 12 learners with study material during their exams in their final year of High School.

Die Burger Leer en Presteer
This project is run in association with Die Burger newspaper and is aimed at promoting education within disadvantaged communities. This is achieved through assisting grade 8 to 11 pupils with study guides and exam papers.

Goodwill Projects

The Herald Citizen of the Year
GMSA has supported this annual initiative since 2005, in association with Times Media. The initiative recognises citizens who go over and above what is expected to make a difference in their communities in sport, arts and crafts, business, community and the environment.

Nominate a Teacher for Change
GMSA Partnered with You/Drum/Huisgenoot magazines to recognise the activities of an exceptional teacher whose service to the school is outstanding. The teacher is awarded with an iPad and the school at which the teacher teaches at is also rewarded with an iPad laboratory. Since inception we have recognised Ukukhanya Junior School in Mpumalanga, Selela Primary School in Limpopo and Wespoort Primary School in the Western Cape